n Ekklesiastikos Pharos - Family imagery in John 4:4-42

Volume 90, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1018-9556



Imagery in the Fourth Gospel mainly consists of metaphors that are interrelated to form a network. The individual metaphors are linked on both syntactic and semantic levels. The cluster of images relating to "family" is the most essential set of images in the Fourth Gospel, but they are not the only ones. Already in the opening verses of the narrative of John 4 is the reader introduced to the macro metaphor of the family. This imagery links this pericope with the rest of the Fourth Gospel. What is significant in this pericope is that it introduces imagery of two families that are historically in conflict with each other. The two families are represented by the nameless Samaritan woman and Jesus the Jewish man. In this paper the metaphor of the family is used to compare the imagery that is represented by the real Samaritan and Jewish families in John 4. The family imagery in John 4 is therefore discussed on two levels: physical and metaphorical.

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