n Ekklesiastikos Pharos - Αγιοι και τόποι λατρείας της Δυτικής Εκκλησίας στη Νάξο

Volume 93, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1018-9556



In Naxos as well as in other islands of the Cyclades a remarkable phenomenon can be observed until today the existence of a Roman Catholic community, which reflects the prominent western presence in the island since the 13th century, when the Duchy of Naxos was founded by the Venetians (1207-1566). During the last eight centuries the Catholics of the island have built a number of churches dedicated to saints which are either exclusively of western origin or common to both Catholic and Orthodox denominations. Moreover they managed to build sacred buildings as well, which either belonged to the Catholic Archdiocese or to catholic monastic orders. One of the interesting features of the coexistence of the two religious communities in the island is the existence of sanctuaries in which the one aisle was Orthodox and the other Catholic, as well as "twin" structures, with distinct yet attached churches of both denominations. There is also evidence of Byzantine churches converted into Catholic ones, mainly in the island's countryside, as well as Catholic churches, converted or reconverted into Orthodox ones.

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