n Ergonomics SA : Journal of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa - Opinion section : shaping the future ergonomics landscape of South Africa : a co-operative co-responsibility

Volume 23, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1010-2728



The Ergonomics Society of South Africa (ESSA) was inaugurated in 1985 and became a federated society of the International Ergonomics Association in 1994 (James and Scott, 2009). Since its inception there have been many significant changes in South Africa, not least of all is a drop in the average life expectancy from well in the 60s during the 1980s to around 54 in 2010 (World Health Organization 2011). Two key roles of ESSA are to promote an awareness of ergonomics and to facilitate discussions on how best to ensure the future success of the discipline within the South African Context. It is therefore necessary from time to time to take stock of where a society is going in order to ensure the aforementioned goals are being achieved. After, together with Rhodes University, having successfully hosted the Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management conference in Grahamstown in the April of 2011, now is a good time to facilitate such discussions within the South African Ergonomics community.

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