n Farmer’s Weekly - Exploring intuitive farming : farming for tomorrow

Volume 2015, Issue 15039
  • ISSN : 0041-848X



The modern focus on cognitive (scientific and intellectual) approaches to farming has advanced food production significantly. However, the capacity for resilience that the natural balances in nature offer has been largely neglected, resulting in a breakdown in cohesion between farming activities, society and the natural environment. This seems to have caused a downward spiral in soil health. The use of pesticides and herbicides has reduced beneficial soil microbes and organic matter, so that plants cannot take up and use as many naturally available nutrients in the soil. In turn, farmers use more synthetic fertiliser, which leads to degraded, acidified and compacted soil. The soil causes unhealthy plants to become diseased, so that more pesticides and herbicides are applied. This pollutes the air with greenhouse gases and contaminants, uses more water than necessary and once again kills beneficial microbes. And so the cycle continues.

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