n Farmer’s Weekly - Commercial value key to Boran breeding : supplement - cover

Volume 2016, Issue 16008
  • ISSN : 0041-848X



In the late sixties, Clynton Collett was introduced to the Boran breed in Zambia. He watched the development of the breed with great interest and was naturally pleased when it was brought to South Africa. Clynton says the Boran offered him the complete package he was looking for and the opportunity to strengthen desirable traits through performance recording and scientific selection. Breed traits include a strong herd instinct, resistance and tolerance to many African diseases, the ability to gain condition rapidly and resilience in times of drought and grazing shortages. "Some of the other indigenous African breeds also possess many of these traits but they lack the growth and muscle needed to offer an acceptable animal to the market," he explains. His aim is to select the most profitable animals that will add value to the business.

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