n Farmer’s Weekly - 'Veld-rearing is the best bet' : promotional supplement

Volume 2016, Issue 16010
  • ISSN : 0041-848X



Six years ago, Wilco du Toit and Nils Pieterse establishedthe Pratos Borane stud on their farm Rietkuil near Lichtenburg. They now run 60 Stud Proper (SP) Boran cows with quality SP Boran bulls bred from selected sires, inaddition to a commercial Bonsmara herd. Wilco and Nils chose Boran because of the breed's high value and the ease with which it can be farmed. The Boran's heritage allows it to utilise veld optimally, according to Wilco. "Those animals that survive drought better were naturally selected in Ethiopia and Kenya, where the breed originated," he explains. "Those that could make do on poor quality forage survived; those that could not, died. This means that the Boran today has good feed conversion and can survive even under drought conditions. One of the greatest advantages of the Boran is that it can be rounded off extensively on the veld and marketed as organic beef. There is a demand for quality beef from the veld."

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