n Farmer’s Weekly - Don't cut corners with packaging : farming for tomorrow

Volume 2016, Issue 16011
  • ISSN : 0041-848X



Rising production costs make it tempting for producers to buy sub-standard cartons. Packaging is generally seen as an area where savings can be made, according to Dawid Groenewald, a researcher from Citrus Research International's Post Harvest Technical Forum. "It's relatively easy to calculate how much money you've spent on packaging. For example, if you pay R10/carton, and export a million cartons, your annual packaging cost will be R10 million. This makes packaging a far more attractive cost saving option than fuel, transport, handling or pre- cooling," Groenewald said. He warned that cutting corners with packaging could cost more in the long term than buying a good quality carton. Inferior packaging could have a negative impact on fruit quality and result in costly repackaging or even product rejection.

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