n Farmer’s Weekly - Agritourism : what to offer and how to maximise income : off the beaten track

Volume 2016, Issue 16022
  • ISSN : 0041-848X



If you are considering an agritourism business on your farm, you should ideally treat it as a separate strategic business unit (SBU). This will allow you to derive the long-term benefits associated with a separate profit centre as part of a larger business entity. A portion of the income could be derived from charging an admission fee to an event such as a festival, a tasting, a petting zoo or similar. A portion of these fees could go towards funding a farm créche, or visitors could make donations if a business entity is registered as a non-governmental organisation or non-profit organisation. Apart from helping to fund these worthy causes, these donations have good marketing value, boosting the image of your establishment.

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