n Farmer’s Weekly - Conflicting passions and practical solutions : by invitation

Volume 2016, Issue 16022
  • ISSN : 0041-848X



Talk to anyone involved in farming and the word "passion" soon crops up. Apart from having access to land, working capital and know-how, you won't succeed in farming unless you are 'passionate' about it. This view is held not only by farmers across the board, but by the various organisations attempting to assist developing and emerging farmers. Government, however, appears to be passionate about something quite different: the redistribution of land from white South Africans to black South Africans. This helps to explain many of the failures of land reform, among them the view that success is measured by the quantity of land redistributed, and not whether it remains in production or not. Among the results have been neglect of rural infrastructure, failure to implement individual title on communal land, lack of adequate support for recipients of redistributed land, and large numbers of families trapped in rural poverty.

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