n Farmer’s Weekly - Another day, another disaster : from the editor

Volume 2016, Issue 16028
  • ISSN : 0041-848X



At some point, even the greatest tragedies become old news and a protracted crisis loses its punch. I fear that we have reached that point with the terrible drought that is affecting so many farmers in Southern Africa. There is nothing new to report and the devastation has been neatly summarised in widely reported facts and figures. But on a recent visit to a farm in northern KwaZulu- Natal, I was again reminded of the aching reality of the drought. Perennially green valleys have turned bleak from lack of rain and irrigation, and farmers in the region are realising only half the returns on their sugar cane crops. Game and cattle farmers are forced to choose the lesser of two evils: having their prized animals slaughtered to save them from the agony of dying of thirst and hunger.

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