n Southern African Forestry Journal - Alternative eucalypt species for Zululand : seven year results of site : species interaction trials in the region

Volume 2001, Issue 190
  • ISSN : 0038-2167



The ICFR initiated a search for alternative eucalypt species for the Zululand Coastal Plain region during 1992 by establishing a series of site: species interaction trials in the area. Sixteen pure species (seedlings), one <i>E. grandis&lt;/i&gt; intra-specific clone and five inter-specific hybrid (<i>E. grandis x either camaldulensis&lt;/i&gt; or <i>urophylla</i>) commercial clones were planted at three sites ranging in climatic condition from warm and wet in the south to hot and dry in the north. Final measurements, assessments and wood-sampling for pulping properties was carried out during 1999. These results together with relevant recommendations are discussed in this paper. On a growth, disease-resistance and pulpwood-quality basis, the top performing pure species at the southern (highly productive) site at Terranera were <i>E. longirostrata&lt;/i&gt; and <i>E. pilularis</i>, and on the drier, more marginal sites at Teza and False Bay, <i>E. henryi</i>, <i>E. citriodora</i>, &lt;i&gt; E. longirostrata&lt;/i&gt; and <i>E. tereticornis&lt;/i&gt; gave impressive results.

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