n Southern African Forestry Journal - Breeding strategies for forest trees : concepts and challenges

Volume 2001, Issue 190
  • ISSN : 0038-2167



This paper describes some recent developments that affect the way forest geneticists think about breeding strategies for forest trees. The topics are grouped into several categories : (1) General Concepts ; (2) Breeding Population Size ; (3) Breeding Population Structure ; (4) Management of the Breeding Population ; and (5) Incorporating New Technologies in Tree Improvement Programs. The last major section on new technologies highlights : (1) The increasing importance of hybrid breeding in tree improvement programs : (2) The potential of somatic embryogenesis as a biotechnology leading to clonal forestry for some commercially-important species ; and (3) The need for forest tree breeders and molecular geneticists to work together to incorporate promising new technologies into applied breeding programs.

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