n Southern African Forestry Journal - 2001 SA Forestry Journals : index no 190, no 191, no 192 : SAFJ index

Volume 2002, Issue 193
  • ISSN : 0038-2167



Extracted from text ... 86 Southern African Forestry Journal No. 193, March 2002 SAFJ Index 2001 SA Forestry Journals: Index No 190, No 191, No 192 Note: This is an abbreviated Index Article Title shown under name of Main Author only. 191/43 (9pp) means - Journal No 191 Page 43 (9 pages) Author Title Journal E-mail address Aalbaek A Farmers tree planting and access to germplasm (Tanzania) 191/75(13pp) aaa@kvl.dk Alborough D 190/105 Allan R 191/29 Arbuthnot A 192/9 Ballance A et al Valuing SA savannas: Methological 191/43(9pp) c.shackleton@ru.ac.za Baonza V 190/99 Barnes R.D African Acacias: - Thorny Subject 190/9(10pp) richard.barnes@plants.ox.ac.uk Barnes R.D. Forest genetics for the Next Millennium Conference Summing up 190/115(4pp) richard.barnes@plants.ox.ac.uk Bauer K 192/73 Burgess T et al Exotic pine forestry in South. Hemi.: Quarantine Practices 192/79(5pp) tburgess@central.murdoch.edu.au Bux ..

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