n Southern African Forestry Journal - The relationship between torsional rigidity and bending strength characteristics of SA pine : scientific paper

Volume 2003, Issue 198
  • ISSN : 0038-2167



The modulus of rigidity, G, and bending moment of elasticity, MOE, of SA pine are evaluated from a direct torsion test and bending tests. Specimens were subjected to a series of tests with the view to determining direct torsional rigidity, apparent bending modulus of elasticity and pure bending modulus of elasticity. Torsional rigidity and bending modulus of elasticity results from central point and third point loading are compared. Often timber is used as structural bending elements that are subjected to torsional and horizontal shear, the influence of which is in many cases neglected. The modulus of rigidity is especially important when calculating the lateral-torsional buckling resistance of bending members and when members are subjected to torsional loads. This study was based on a series of laboratory experiments on actual sized timber with the focus and emphasis on mechanical properties and statistical significance.

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