n Southern African Forestry Journal - 2003 SA Forestry Journals : index no 197, no 198, no 199 : SAFJ index




Extracted from text ... SAFJ Index 2003 SA FORESTRY JOURNALS INDEX: No 197, No 198, No 199 Note: This is an Abbreviated Index. Paper title shown under name of main author only. 193/15(9pp) means - Journal No 193 Page 15 Pages 9 'et al' means - More than a single author Author Title Journal Email address Abeli W S et al Socio-economic impact of ox skidding project to the surrounding villages of Mount Meru forest plantations, Northern Tanzania. 198/45(7pp) abeli@suanet.ac.tz Ackerman P et al Reverting urban exotic pine forests to Macchia and indigenous forest vegetation, using cable-yarders on the slopes of Table Mountain, South ..


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