n Southern African Forestry Journal - Effect of rainfall and under-canopy vegetation on the ability to debark x when felled in Zululand, South Africa : research note

Volume 2004, Issue 200
  • ISSN : 0038-2167



The combined effects of seasonal variation in rainfall and the presence or absence of under-canopy vegetation on soil moisture content may have a negative or positive impact on the ability to debark eucalypts. A study was initiated to investigate these interactions on the ability to debark <I>Eucalyptus grandis&lt;/I&gt; x <I>E. camaldulensis&lt;/I&gt; when felled at eight years in Zululand, South Africa. Following a period of high rainfall (94 mm in 30 days), the presence of under-canopy vegetation did not influence the ability to debark the trees. This ability to debark the trees was reduced following a period of low rainfall (11 mm in 30 days), however, this was even more pronounced in the presence of under-canopy vegetation.

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