n French Studies in Southern Africa - Un jardin d'Eros ou de Salvat Etchart : Le satyriasis comme ruse psychologique d'évasion

Volume 2004, Issue 33
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



The link between literature and eros exists since time immemorial. In the fiction of the French Antilles, it is fairly new and in Salvat Etchart's (1977) it is pornography become particularly matter of fact. The author paints detailed pictures of sexual practices. The present study seeks to explain the orgiastic behaviour of the protagonist and to understand the author's reasons for such a display.

The conclusion is reached that eroticism, in Etchart's work, is a form of revolt. The protagonist, undoubtedly a hedonist, is politically emasculated and socially frustrated and turns to satyriasis for consolation and a way of revenging himself against the morality of a society he blames for marginalizing him.

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