n French Studies in Southern Africa - J.-M.G. le Clézio : le voyage vers l'origine

Volume 2005, Issue 34
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



Initially, under the influence of the nouveau roman, Le Clézio's oeuvre gave priority to the effects of fiction over any autobiographical perspective. In the early works marginalised characters bring into question the excess of modernity (mass consumption, the impersonality of the crowd) while a deep osmosis between the subject and the world

  • felt as almost essential after his discovery of the Amerindian cultures
  • is ever more strongly perceptible in his works.
In Désert, the quest for identity gains in importance, while the autobiographical approach unveils itself in Le chercheur d'or and Voyage à Rodriguès and then in the cycle of the polyphonic novels Étoile errante, Onitscha, La Quarantaine and Révolutions. With rhythm and a soothing lyricism, a picture of the self is sensible to the reader through the desperate quest for the other self that seems to contain - to promise - the discovery of the origin. The publishing of l'Africain adds an essential biographical dimension to the journey towards the other.

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