n French Studies in Southern Africa - Enseigner la littérature par le biais du transculturel : connaissance de soi, découverte de l'autre

Volume 2005, Issue 35
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



The aim of the French Section of the University of Cape Town is to teach French, but in our view, the challenge is not only to meet learners' linguistic needs but also, within a broader context, to contribute to strengthening the sometimes precarious social stability of our young democracy. Study of Francophone literature can be instrumental in this regard; not only does this comply with the latest developments in , but it also dovetails with the quest for identity which is vital for self-awareness and an understanding of others. To this end, this article revisits the vexed question of teaching literature, after which it advocates a cross cultural approach for the teaching of contemporary Moroccan women's fiction at tertiary level and then provides several concrete examples of possible pedagogical activities.

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