n French Studies in Southern Africa - La Sage-femme, l'exilée et l'écrivain ou les bébés hybrides de Bessora

Volume 2006, Issue 36
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



Among the new generation of African women authors writing in French, Bessora occupies a very particular place. Daughter of "afropolitanism", she assumes her position in the literary field of African novel writing. Her third novel, (2002) represents the ambivalence of her artistic project: while she is opposed to any form of determination (in particular racial and sexual), she herself succumbs to certain characterizations at the level of her writing, as she follows the path of her predecessors, in particular Mariama Bâ and Ken Bugul. An analytic study of Bessora's novel, and in particular of its main character, a male midwife, will indicate how this writer finds her own voice in this literary ancestry.

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