n French Studies in Southern Africa - Pacte romanesque. Leurre ou évidence? Approche de l'écriture d'Henri Lopes

Volume 2007, Issue 37
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



One particular approach to narratology involves the attempt to establish a connection between the author and the main character of a literary work. Many readers would qualify such a work as an "autobiographical novel", implying that the narrator or protagonist in a given literary text represents the author of the work. Whereas the reader's interest in biographical aspects would, at least to some extent, support such a close link, certain authors regularly make statements denying the existence of this relationship. This article aims to demonstrate how Henri Lopes uses literary techniques to 'cover up' clues and 'confuse' the reader as to the actual personality of the narrator-character. This rather exceptional concern with undermining the reader's recourse to an autobiographical approach is achieved through his novels. On the basis of this technique, the author comes to espouse a worldview different to the one held by the main characters depicted in his novels. Anxious to conceal his biography, Lopes believes that writing novels that confound his readers on the personality of the author is more helpful than issuing press releases denying self representation in his fiction.

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