n French Studies in Southern Africa - La révolte individuelle face à l'emprise du groupe : la lutte contre courant comme de l'œuvre memmienne

Volume 2008, Issue 38
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



Albert Memmi admits he has essentially written the same work throughout his life. This observation can be understood in light of the pool of themes that abound in his romantic writings. The core of most of these reiterative concerns is found in , described as the matrix of Memmian fiction. And yet, permeated as they are by autobiographical references, these reworkings clearly move beyond the purely fictional and acquire more intimate properties. As our study of the main characters in three novels reveals, these characters are not only duplicates of each other but of Albert Memmi as well. As such, they are portrayed as human beings who find themselves constantly engaging in counter-current struggles to save their ideals, spurning any unconditional commitment to idea-binding movements as much as any identification with specific groups. These characters therefore conceive of and / or apprehend identification and full implication with a community as curtailing the fundamental liberty of Man - hence their rebellious attitude, generally misunderstood by their entourage. The important point is that their combative stance emanates from existentialist moral convictions proffered by the author himself.

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