n French Studies in Southern Africa - Pour une approche interculturelle en contexte sud-africain à partir de l'exposition

Volume 2009, Issue 39
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



This article describes the creation of pedagogical material from the contemporary African art exhibition 'Africa Remix' in 2007 by a group of South African French foreign language teachers. While aimed at improving language skills in a foreign language learning context, the activities created lend themselves particularly well to an intercultural approach. The notions of culture, identity and 'Africanness', probed by the artists in their works and interviews, are revisited in the classroom by students through the suggested tasks and activities. An overview of the evolution of the intercultural approach within the field of language didactics provides an insight into its relevance today as well as its role within the rapidly evolving South African socio-cultural context. Finally, the article illustrates how Africa Remix's themes, as well as its pedagogical exploitation, aspire to more far-reaching goals in language teaching.

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