n French Studies in Southern Africa - et écriture migrante : vers une réévaluation du paradigme identitaire dans de Tierno Monénembo ?

Volume 2009, Issue 39
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



by Tierno Monenembo describes an innovative approach to identity formation in the African novel, a sort of migration of Brazilian imaginings of (a historical suburb of Salvador de Bahia) to Africa, the ancestral land. This reading is offered through the prism of the anthropological concept of Arjun Appadurai's which recalls the features of a migrant literature or , to use Jacques Chevrier's term. In this case, the sense of belonging is relativized, the identities are constantly shifting and the imaginary migrant demythologizes the founding myths; this creative literature draws heavily on the fluidity of imaginary identity as well as transculture. As a result, the technicality of writing springs from the postmodernist literary sources, making the act of writing an oscillation of textual weaving and unweaving, of construction and identity deconstruction which are specific features of contemporary discourse on identity. This stratified, archeologized identity is a shifting identity resulting from transfer and hybridization.

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