n French Studies in Southern Africa - Figures énonciatives, écriture inassouvie. Schématisation dans de Fatou Diome

Volume 2010, Issue 40
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



It is difficult to come to terms with the structure of Fatou Diome's work without taking into consideration the relation between the narrating subject and the order of narration. These narrative figures regulate the narrative flow, coordinate the movement of the characters and ensure the coherence and cohesion of the narrative discourse. The actions and initiatives of the main character Betty therefore only come into focus once Felicity and the other characters staying in the old age home begin recounting their own stories that hitherto had remained secret. Similarly, it is only through the multiplication of these accounts that the history and life of all these protagonists becomes constituted in writing. This article explores Fatou Diome's work by drawing attention to the discourse of the speaking subjects and, especially, to how they become the embodiment of the very weight of existence and history ('mal intérieur') that characterises them.

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