n French Studies in Southern Africa - « Écriture préemptive » et « littérature-monde » : la jeune littérature africaine d'expression française

Volume 2010, Issue 40
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



Two important manifestos on literature were published almost simultaneously in 2007 : "Pour une 'littérature-monde' en français" in the French newspaper by Michel Le Bris and numerous other French-speaking writers, and a three-hundred page essay by the Cameroonian writer and critic Patrice Nganang. While the first manifesto has had a lot of repercussions in the "francophone" world, the second one went almost unnoticed. By comparing the manifestos, the aim of this article is to contribute towards paradigms through which novels by the young generation of African authors writing in French could be classified and analyzed. After a brief description of the Le Bris manifesto, Nganang's critical essay on "preemptive writing" in post-genocide (1994) fictional works will be studied in some detail. The three key concepts of memory, (literary) field and francophonie will be used to define the literary works in French produced on the African continent in the twenty-first century. The conclusion will propose that the notion of be revisited.

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