n French Studies in Southern Africa - Les études littéraires face à l'émergence de la didactique du FLE en Afrique du Sud : deux cultures d'enseignement? : éléments pour une didactique sud-africaine de la pluralité

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



The purpose of this article is to investigate the evolution of teaching cultures in the field of French Studies at tertiary level in South Africa, in order to gauge its impact on the teaching of literature. The development and expansion of the specialization of teaching French as a Foreign Language has led to a reassessment of the role and function of teaching literature within the foreign language context. This recent development is compared to a « classical » teaching approach to literature, characteristic of first language teaching. These distinct approaches form two visions of « teaching cultures », illustrated by a survey conducted within the field of French Studies in South Africa in 2009. Several aspects relating to the teaching of literature are discussed and compared : perceptions regarding the role of literature within French Studies, teaching approaches, and the aims and outcomes of its teaching.

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