n French Studies in Southern Africa - La perspective actionnelle mise à l'épreuve : l'exemple du scénario pédagogique « M-tourisme au Kwazulu-Natal » : éléments pour une didactique sud-africaine de la pluralité

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



This article examines a case-study of an action-based teaching approach within the context of an online French language learning programme created for South African students. This particular program was exceptional in terms of its length (8 weeks) and in the way it was carried out (partly in distance mode by the creators of the program and partly onsite by tutors who were with the students). After the project had ended, interviews were conducted with the South African students who were not at all familiar with this method of language learning. The comments made by the students were analysed, revealing salient positive and negative aspects of the project. Indeed two aspects are emphasized : the difficulty in co-ordinating the teaching objectives and the tasks demanded; the interest in (and thus motivation for) certain tasks aimed at improving general language skills.

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