n French Studies in Southern Africa - Contexte plurilingue au Mozambique : quelle identité, quelle culture?

Volume 2011, Issue 41
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



The linguistic influence of neighboring countries of Mozambique, the diversities of Mozambican languages and the presence of an official language - Portuguese - constitute a rich and pertinent area of research, at a time when our effective consciousness of the linguistic and cultural diversity confronts us with a class intervention context in which we face problems that are inherent to the coexistence of various languages and cultures. In the framework of teaching languages in general and French as a Foreign Language (FFL) in particular, the question of language appears problematic, as this diversity seems to be ignored by the Mozambican education system, which tends to put all children on an equal footing, without considering the linguistic situation of each one of them. Therefore, we put forward the following matters: which identity(ies) and which culture(s) should be privileged at school? Should we talk about a Mozambican identity or culture?

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