n French Studies in Southern Africa - Études interculturelles et postcoloniales : rapprochements possibles?

Volume 2011, Issue 41
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



Could some of the concepts in intercultural studies (and in French as a foreign language, FFL) and postcolonial studies be examined with the same tools? Could postcolonial studies shed a new light and give the other fields a critical posture on discourses through a posture they already use in literature? Postcolonial studies propose an analysis of domination (both intellectual/epistemic and discursive) and address the question of decentring the subject which "allows for a social reading of language and representations" (Loomba 1998: 42). The fifteen (or more) definitions offered by Loomba will guide us in the present article. The first part will be devoted to a recentering of the Other in intercultural studies; the second part will examine the definitions proposed for postcolonial studies and their limitations. The final part will give two examples of didactic discourses analyzed through a postcolonial lens in order to give new perspectives on the question of immigration, citizenship and the Other, as well as on the concept of contextualisation widely used in Europe.

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