n French Studies in Southern Africa - de Sembene Ousmane, entre roman et scénario de film

Volume 2012, Issue 42
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



Film making was a perfect vehicle for the Senegalese writer Sembene Ousmane, enabling him to transmit his message to a wider public in Senegal, and his early films were transpositions from his own written work. In 1981, he published , which drifts from one established genre, the novel, to a hybrid genre between novel and film scenario. This article shows that Sembene's novel has all the ingredients of a thriller: drama, conflict, tension, mystery and suspense. More specifically, the novel's structure closely resembles a film montage, revealing the strong influence of the Soviet film makers. Also, numerous flashbacks skip between time frames and scenes/sequences in different locations present simultaneous events. This unique creation results from Sembene's extensive experience of both genres. He had expressed a wish to bring this novel to the screen, but the censorship problems he encountered with his film , financial difficulties and finally his death prevented him from doing so.

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