n French Studies in Southern Africa - De l'absence d'épigraphe à la débauche épigraphique dans quelques romans francophones

Volume 2012, Issue 42
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



The objective of this article is to analyze and define the emerging context and the various occurrences of epigraphic quotes in Francophone novels. This analysis seeks to identify not only the real or perceived link of epigraphs to works in which they are found, but also the socio-political circumstances that have created different types of inscriptions as they emerge into their current forms. This approach consists of a replay of birth and evolution in terms of "absence of epigraph" and "epigraphic debauchery", passing through colonial and postcolonial literature to world literature () in order to identify the factors which determine the various occurrences of epigraphic quotes through the different epochs.

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