n French Studies in Southern Africa - La donne anthropo-historique dans de Tierno Monénembo

Volume 2012, Issue 42
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



From an anthropo-historical point of view writing a novel is a recurrent literary practice. It is part of the process in which fiction operates a transfer of components represented in the text from a non-literary matrix to a fictional category. By reinventing a mythical genealogy of his hero, the author Tierno Monénembo registers his work in the dynamics of a recapturing of identical "ancestry" and "interiority". This recapture doesn't limit itself to Caribbean societies whose anthropo-historical memory was erased by the slave traders; it is found in , a clearly "afrocentric" novel which links African humanity to ancient Egypt. Indeed, even if this novel refrains from a scientific return to primary sources, the return to ancestral trace is placed under the auspices of historians and anthropologists. This article proposes to study the task of rewriting by examining the complex relationship between a literary work and its sources.

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