n French Studies in Southern Africa - Migration africaine vers l'Europe : l'héroïsme dans d'Éric Alain Kamdom

Volume 2013, Issue 43
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



By means of a Homeric reference Alain Kamdom's text already signals in its subtitle that it belongs to an epic register. In this reading, the work depicts a heroic trek in the following sense. Its protagonists, at least during their migration from south to south, are confronted by difficulties, which are characteristic of the archetypal sort of action of a Ulysses whose extraordinary quest determines, through its stereotypes (courage, power, swindle, glory, etc.), the perception of what are the essential qualities of an exceptional man. Migration is here the element that puts the hero to the test and by which he becomes a figure meandering on the chess board of economic globalization.

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