n French Studies in Southern Africa - Réécriture d'un genre : l'autobiographie politique des « Pères de la Nation » dans (1987) d'Aminata Sow Fall

Volume 2013, Issue 43
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



Aminata Sow Fall's (1987) is an adaptation of the genre of political autobiography in Africa. Using Jean-Marie Schaeffer's definition of genre conventions in its analysis of modalities of transformation, this article presents the novel as a parody which adopts the setting and autobiographical style of the political autobiography in order to inverse schema of heroic triumph into that of tragic decline. Irony is a formal indicator of this thematic modification based on a hypertextual relation to the autobiographical genre of origin. An analysis of rhetorical strategies which subvert this genre is based on the novel's metatextual relation to the "father of the nation" mythology in African political discourse. Sow Fall's satirical humour is a technique that indicates the novel's critical stance through humour. By erasing the schema of separate political and domestic spheres she adopts a "feminine" approach in her adaptation, questioning the centrality of the male figure in the patriarchal conception of the African nation.

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