n French Studies in Southern Africa - Analyse critique des stratégies de représentation du discours dans de Max Gallo

Volume 2013, Issue 43
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



This article examines , a novel by Max Gallo (2006), from the perspective of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), in order to deconstruct the notion of the clash of civilisations developed in the novel. The concept of discourse representation, a key element of intertextuality, is used to examine the incorporation of the utterances of two major characters, Julien Nori, narrator and proponent of a materialistic and individualistic irreligion, and Zuba Khadjar, who articulates the Islamist perspective. is a novel with a message and its plot is propelled by the energy generated by the debate among the various characters represented in it. It illustrates a theory of the Islamisation of France that Max Gallo has been developing for several decades. The article concludes that Gallo uses discourse representation to express his bitterness towards French people who remain passive in the face of the threat of the Islamisation of their country. In particular, his representation of Zuba Khadjar uses irony to sound the alarm bells.

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