n French Studies in Southern Africa - Les mécanismes de la séduction : contrepoint et harmonie

Volume 2013, Issue 43
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



Author of a collection of vignettes about Don Juan, Henri-Pierre Roché decided to devote his life to an examination of the moral, intellectual, social and sexual relations between women and men, in which his real-life experiences would be the main source of reference, filling a diary spanning sixty years. This article examines the discourse of seduction in both his diary and his correspondence, focussing on the section of the diary that forms the framework for (1920-21). At the start of his relationship with Helen Hessel (the Kathe / Catherine of ), Roché had suggested that she too should keep a diary of their affair. Written in French, German and English, Helen Hessel's diary functions on several levels. It is realistic, visionary, absorbed in thoughts and emotions and yet critical of herself and others. The article offers a juxtaposed reading of the two diaries and explores the possibilities of such a comparative reading: the linguistic, intercultural and identitary aspects involved in the mechanisms of seduction.

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