n French Studies in Southern Africa - Le Clézio et son rapport au réel

Volume 2014, Issue 44
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



In this article the relation to the real in the writing of Le Clézio is analysed in phenomenological and psychoanalytic terms, both of which are crucial to an understanding of the human imaginary. Drawing primarily on and , it is argued that reality, which presents itself as the primordial matrix of leclézian writing, can be seen to derive from a dual structure which in a way conditions fictional representation. If the real object is founded in the lived environment, it is endowed with psycho-sensory modes in which, at the level of the descriptive, the sensory and emotional become fused, amounting to a paradox that underscores the problematic nature of the author's relation to the real. The referential function that Le Clézio presents us with appears, however, to relate far more to the psychic and subjective oriented image-referent than to the physical or somatic object. As a result, the reader gains entry, not to reality, but to its illusion, having moved from a presentation (description) to a re-presentation, in other words, the "appearance-as-phenomenon" of the object in question.

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