n French Studies in Southern Africa - Écrire et publier en Afrique : (re)localisation, postcolonial, mondialisation

Special issue 2
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



Since the end of the 1970's, we have observed the development of an important publishing activity in Africa. This article tries to analyze this phenomenon. After retracing the history of publishing in Africa, from Th. Mofolo, J.-J. Rabearivelo, A. Sadji to the present situation (beginning in the last twenty of the XXth century with the use of the computer and access to the Internet), I will argue that this history is indicative of a constant relocation of the publishing activity in Africa. Nowadays this activity takes place in the context of globalization and the 'postcolonial'. One must therefore ask whether relocation is compatible with such a context. In confronting this question, the article pays particular attention to the cases of P. Hountondji and R. Philombe, examining the links between literature and the location where literature is written and read. The article poses the question: does the text exist before Africa or does Africa exist before the text?

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