n French Studies in Southern Africa - Le Liban : un modèle pour l'édition francophone en Afrique

Special issue 2
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



In Africa, most books by African writers in French appear in the context of local African Francophone markets, rather than at a continental level. With globalization, there are now better tools to analyze these markets in terms of other markets located on other continents and contexts. This article, drawing on editorial experiences both in Lebanon and the United States as well as a study of three West African markets, will examine how successful practices in the Lebanese context and market have provided solutions adaptable to Francophone Africa, for example Senegal, Ivory Coast and Cameroon, where, in fact, some of these solutions have been implemented. The following issues will be reviewed: partnerships between local publishing companies and foreign publishers, newspapers, magazines and French-language Internet sites; sponsorship and the conditions for its success; the sharing of rights (for example, according to geographical areas); loans to help publishing companies as well as strategies for republishing culturally important works. In Lebanon, Patrimoine, a Dar An-Nahar collection characterized by an original editorial line, has helped define a cultural project which has allowed the development of local strategies of legitimation, the return of some writers to Lebanon, and the resurgence of new forms of literary renationalization and relocation.

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