n French Studies in Southern Africa - L' autobiographique d'Hervé Guibert ou l'écriture comme : section spéciale

Volume 2015, Issue 45
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



Beyond the intricate network of intertextual references enclosed in the body of literary work of the French author Hervé Guibert, his writings, photos and his unique cinematic experiment - - implicitly lead us to an "imaginary museum". As we know, in novels such as and he transposes Munch's "The Scream", Turner's "Death on a pale horse" or Eugene Smith's "Tomoko in his bath". Nevertheless, what we should really see is Guibert's own face and his own memories that are being projected onto the surface of these images. When observing these images, what does the author actually see? Aren't they all parts of a new artistic space in his own likeness, an "in-between" overlapping several strata of representation, such as writing, painting, photography or cinema? We aim to investigate the autobiographical ekphrasis in terms of a performative strategy that the author uses in order to map his own interiority and to surpass the inextricable breakdown of his body caused by AIDS.

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