n French Studies in Southern Africa - Les effets de fiction dans de Mariama Bâ : section spéciale

Volume 2015, Issue 45
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



Contrary to numerous studies focused on the ideological aspect of Mariama Ba's , this article, based on the linguistic theory of enunciation, intends to study, beyond the autobiographical appearance of the novel, some important literary aspects that enhance its literariness. It examines the sinuous work of the signifier, namely the creation of fictional characters, the use of the rhetoric figure of hypotyposis, of free indirect speech, some aphoristic formulas as well as internal narrative focalization. The "fictional effects" must therefore be understood here in a pragmatic perspective as a set of textual devices allowing readers to measure the literary dimension of the fictional work and to reappraise the text's usual generic classification.

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