n French Studies in Southern Africa - Modèle communicatif et modèle normatif à l'enseignement du texte littéraire : enjeux et défis en contexte universitaire sud-africain

Volume 2015, Issue 45
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



Disciplinary discourse in the field of French Studies in South Africa has focused increasingly on learner-centred communicative approaches to language acquisition which are theoretically pitted against traditional text-centred approaches. The communicative model aims to place the learner in authentic contexts of communication and encourages subjective modalities of expression, whilst text-centred (and often normative) models of teaching entail postures of critical distance and metatextual discourse. This article focuses on the challenges of both approaches within the context of French foreign language teaching at undergraduate level in South African universities, by examining the teaching strategies and difficulties encountered by academics in teaching literature in a foreign language. Indeed, learner and text-centred approaches can be conceived of as disciplinary paradigms in their prioritization of communicative competence and/or literary competence, and present particular challenges in terms of learners' language abilities as well as the academic context. The corpus upon which the findings are based consists of interviews conducted with academics in the discipline of French Studies in South Africa in 2011 and 2012. A qualitative method is employed to discuss and evaluate findings which shed light on theoretical teaching models, classroom practice, as well as the diverse uses and approaches to the teaching of literature in foreign language learning contexts.

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