oa Fundamina : A Journal of Legal History - Staatsdenken und forensische taktik in Ciceros

Volume 19, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-545X
  • E-ISSN: 2411-7870



Cicero's speech in defence of Quintus Ligarius () delivered in 46 is considered a classic example of in both ancient and modern literature. Historically it is an important work as it was Cicero's first oration on the Forum, that is, before the general public after the civil war. In this oratio, Cicero praised Caesar's and seemingly legitimised . First, we describe the historical background of the and the process of the proceedings; thereafter we examine the issue to determine whether the proceedings against Ligarius may be considered a criminal trial. After an analysis of the genre of the speech, , we analyse the appearance of Caesar's in . In conclusion we focus on the means of style of irony, and highlight an interesting element of the Caesar-Cicero relation and how the orator voices his conviction that he considers the dictator's power and illegitimate.

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