n Gender and Behaviour - Gender analysis of production system and decision making in Fulani Agro-pastoral households in southwestern Nigeria

Volume 10, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The paper examines gender division of production system of Fulani Agro-pastoralists in three settlements in Ogun State, southwest Nigeria, based on gender distribution of activities, roles and resource ownership and acquisition. Data were collected from 29 households comprising 165 respondents. Thirty activities and roles were identified; older men (>50years) performed 34.2 percent of entire activities; men (<50years), 66.8 percent; women, 48.6 percent; boys (<18years), 45.7 percent; and girls, 42.9 percent. Women spent 14.1hrs on agro-pastoral livelihoods compared to men's 13.2hrs. As the role of men is crucial in regulating agro-pastoral activities and gaining access to livelihood resources, the over-bearing of men's role in Fulani livelihoods system overshadowed women's potentials. Efforts at improving gender division of labour in agro-pastoral system will improve social relationship, remove any form of inequality, reduce workload for women, improve living condition and create more time for educational opportunities for children.

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