n Gender and Behaviour - Culture and gender-related violence against women in Ogoni ethnic nationality in Nigeria : implications for adult education

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Few cultural practices against women and gender related violence in Ogoni land, Rivers State, Nigeria had attracted international attention. The killing of twins, the practice of genital mutilation and the uprising and brutal killing by the military government following the popular mass action by the Ogoni people against abuse of their environment by the oil multinational cooperation generated considerable international condemnation. What is not well known is the "Sira" culture and violence against women on the death of their husbands. The "Sira" culture is a cultural practice in which first daughters are not given out for marriage; rather they are made to live a promiscuous life with attendant consequences of single parenthood and mental abuse. The key questions explored in this study are: to what extent is the practice of "Sira" culture implicated in the intensity of promiscuity and violence against women in Ogoni land? What are the gender related violence against women arising from burial rites of their husbands in Ogoni land? To address these key questions, focus group discussion, key personality interview were conducted. This study is anchored on transformative learning theory. The study reveals that there is variation in the intensity of the practice of culture and widowhood practice in Gokana and Khana local government areas all in Ogoni land. Based on the findings and the discussion the writers concluded that the three elements of transformative learning theory be infused into adult education programmes to address these issues.

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