n Gender and Behaviour - Revisiting family values : a pathway towards societal stability

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The family can be regarded as society's oldest and most important social institution. Family responsibilities may include providing guidance, support and a sense of belonging to its members. This was basically the case with the traditional family where children learnt the values of discipline, hardwork, respect for elders and constituted authority, responsibility, integrity and credibility. Indeed, a good family guarantees a good society and a good society would guarantee a good and stable nation. With modernity and industrialisation the role of the family seemed to have waned considerably as majority of parents have had less time for their children and seemed to have delegated most of their responsibilities to nannies and househelps due to work commitment. The end result have been an increase in juvenile delinquency, high levels of criminality, drug abuse and addiction, high rate of promiscuity, disregard for elders and constituted authority, the get rich quick syndrome, disregard for hardwork, corruption and a lack of responsibility, integrity and credibility. This paper therefore examines the situation critically and proffers solutions on how best to revert the situation before the society derails completely.

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