n Gender and Behaviour - Job satisfaction of women in Nigeria immigration service

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The Nigeria immigration Service, established in 1963, was saddled with the responsibilities of monitoring and controlling the movement of persons in and out of the country, from the point of entry to the point of departure. In order to be efficient and effective in discharging the above responsibilities, the officers of the organization must be "sane" and "ready to perform to the best of their knowledge and abilities". Such "saneness" and "readiness" are contingent on their job attitudes, the perception of their working conditions and level of satisfaction with their job conditions. This study examined the self perception of Nigeria Immigration Services by the currently serving female officers of the organisation, their level of job satisfaction and the influences of some demographic variables on their level of job satisfaction. The choice of female officer is due to the recognition of the significant roles played by the female officers of the organization. Findings from the study may be useful in planning intervention programmes for female officers in Nigeria and other nations with similar socio-cultural services. Seventy-four female (senior and junior) officers of Nigeria Immigration Service responded to a job satisfaction scale supplemented with a semi-structured interview. Appropriate statistical analyses were employed in the study. Results showed that most of the officers (87.5%) had a positive perception of immigration services. A small percentage of the officers (17.3%), however, were very dissatisfied with their job. Reported areas of dissatisfaction include factors relating to internal administrative policies and external challenges. Job tenure, marital status and educational levels were found to be significant determinants of job satisfaction. Findings were discussed in line with the previous findings and the current socio-economic realities of the country. The border-security implications were highlighted while appropriate recommendations were put forward.

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