n Gender and Behaviour - Knowledge and use of contraceptives among urban and rural women of Abia State, Nigeria




The study examined the knowledge and use of contraceptive methods by urban and rural women in Umuahia, Abia State. Data for the study were collected through a service questionnaire and 6 in-depth interviews. A total of 500 women were selected from both rural and urban areas of the state. The study adopted a multi-stage sampling method. Data were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Scientist (SPSS) at univariate and bivariate levels. The analysis strongly suggested that level of education, place of residence had a powerful effect on knowledge and use of modern contraceptive methods. The use of modern contraceptive methods was predominant among women aged 35-44 years. The reason was attributed to fear of conception amongst them. The main sources of knowledge of family planning were radio/TV and schools. The study recommends that subjects/courses on modern contraceptive methods and family planning should be introduced in our schools curriculum from secondary level.


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