n Gender and Behaviour - Cox-proportional hazard model of gender differentials in determinants of early marriage : evidence from 2010 Malawi Demographic Health and Survey

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Early marriage (EM) can lead to high fertility, maternal deaths and poor socioeconomic advancement. The study examined gender differential of EM in Malawi. We utilized 2010, MDHS dataset and Cox-proportional hazard model (α=.05). Mean age at first marriage was 17.39±3.20 and 21.96±4.19 years among females and males respectively. Prevalence of EM was strikingly higher among females (59.9%) than males (13.7%). Males were more educated than females. The Hazard of Early Marriage (HEM) was less among females in the central region 0.82 (C.I=0.823-0.97) than their counterparts in the north, but was higher among males in the south (HR=1.39; C.I=1.016-1.892) than those in the north. For both sexes, the HEM falls consistently as the level of education increases and differential exists in HEM among ethnic groups. Early marriage is still widely practiced in Malawi, particularly, among females and those with no formal education. Policies that discourage EM should be enacted in Malawi.

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